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Golf Tournament

Event: Deanna's Lyric Foundation Golf Tournament

Location: Diamond Ridge Golf Course
Address: 2309 Ridge Rd, Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Registration for Golf Tournament

Single: $125.00

Team: $475.00

Deanna's Lyric Foundation

Deanna's Lyric was founded to honor the memory of our daughter Deanna Camille Green. On May 5, 2006, the unimaginable happened. We lost our daughter, Deanna, while she was playing softball at Druid Hill Park, in Baltimore City, Maryland. Deanna's death was not caused by a line drive down first base, or by a hit to head with a softball bat. Rather, Deanna died because she simply touched a fence. Deanna was killed by "contact voltage".

On May 5, 2006, Deanna Camille Green, at the tender age of fourteen, was electrocuted by 277 volts on a metal, safety fence at softball field number 8 in Druid Lake Park in Baltimore City, Maryland.  Contact voltage is not an uncommon phenomenon. A random survey has found that it exists in areas with underground electric distribution systems across the country and world. It is our hope that such a tragedy does not happen again. Contact voltage poses a significant pedestrian risk. There is no reason why this threat should continue. It can be easily addressed. It is our intention to persuade the regulators of other States, to take the appropriate action and implement regulatory changes aimed at preventing further injury / death to pedestrians and pets in all urban areas. Unlike electricity, Deanna and Deanna?s family will not be silent.

We want a safer world, and we can have those safer places with the ?Deanna Camille Green Rule.? It can significantly reduce the chances of anyone being injured or killed by contact voltage or an ?energized object.? Aging and failing electrical infrastructure causes contact voltage. By implementing a contact voltage mitigation program and utilizing effective mobile technology now, lives can be saved.  


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