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Parents Speak Out in Electrocution of Teen

Posted on April 5, 2011 at 12:43 PM

"Every day that goes by I think of Deanna. Every day I come to work, I have to pass through the park. Everyday," said Nancy Arrington-Green.


In the week following Deanna’s death, the city tried to explain how it happened---how a metal pole sank into the ground until it came to rest on a buried electric line.


The family filed a wrongful death suit naming the city BG&E and a local electrical contractor who had done some work at the field… leaving it to the courts to decide who was at fault.


"I don't know,” said the victim’s father, Anthony “Bubba” Green, “That's for the courts to decide, but we know Deanna's not to blame. I know that my wife is not to blame. I know that the league is not to blame."


All of the parties have filed motions to dismiss the case.


"If other parties are responsible for an incident, it's certainly not for the city to step in and pay for those consequences," said City Chief Solicitor Matthew Nayden.


A judge has postponed any ruling for now, since attorneys for the family have added new charges to their complaint.


In effect, that keeps the lawsuit alive and in the public's eye for weeks, if not months to come.


It’s the kind of attention Deanna’s family is counting upon to help keep a similar tragedy from happening to other children who play in city parks.


Deanna’s father, “Bubba” Green, is a former Baltimore Colt, and among the many friends who showed up in court to support the family was Hall of Famer Lenny Moore.

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