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Family Continues Fight For Answers 5 Years After Stray Voltage Kills Teen

Posted on May 4, 2011 at 11:05 PM

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—It was five years ago that a young Baltimore teenager was killed by the stray electrical voltage underground a baseball field in Druid Hill Park. Now her family and their attorneys say they’re still fighting to get answers in their daughter’s death.

Derek Valcourt explains their battle is with the city over releasing important records. They say the city is withholding information about electrical repairs in the park both before and after their daughter’s death.

Deanna Green was just 14 and getting ready to go to bat when she touched a metal fence at a ballfield at Druid Hill Park.

A decaying underground electrical wire made contact with one of the fence posts, sending 227 volts of electricity through her body.

“On the eve of the anniversary of the fifth year, I’m just glad to say that we’re still standing and we’re still fighting,” her father said.

Deanna’s parents Nancy and Bubba Green have taken their crusade to prevent stray voltage deaths nationwide but say their biggest battle is still here in Baltimore.

“The only thing that we’ve ever asked for ever since the very beginning was we just wanted answers, but the city has refused to give us answers,” Bubba Green said.

Specifically, they say city officials refuse to provide records of repair work done to the electrical system and to the fencing at Druid Hill Park in the weeks and months before Deanna’s death and repairs made since then.

”My thing is what are you hiding?” said their attorney, Bo Deitl. “If, in fact, the city is not responsible, release everything.”

Dietl believes the city’s actions amount to a cover-up.

“We wanna know what they discovered because if they discovered that there was an electrical surge here, and they turned that back to the city and they didn’t do anything, then the city is culpable in this thing,” Dietl said.

The city solicitor told WJZ the city has fulfilled all of its discovery obligations and provided all of the information it is legally required to provide.

“We’re going to continue to fight this fight, and hopefully they’ll realize that we’re not going to go away,” Bubba Green said.

Meanwhile Deanna Green’s parents are pushing for Maryland and several other states to pass a law in their daughter’s name, requiring power companies to regularly check for stray voltage and fix problems quickly.

City officials say they are not aware of any other outstanding requests for information on the case from Deanna Green’s family or their attorneys.

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